Welcome AP Human Geography Students!

Stillwater Jr. High Rules and Procedures for Safe and Respectful Blogging

Some of the rules below are designed to protect student privacy. Others are in place to assure respectful behavior. Always remember that a blog entry is visible to the entire world and may be archived permanently. What you say today may not be something you would say tomorrow or next year, so use good judgment. For example, would you want a future employer to someday read what you entered on the blog?

1. Students should never post their full names anywhere on the blog. Our school blogs are set up to include only a pre-assigned nickname that will automatically be attached to each student post. Students are not allowed to make any changes or additions to their blog profile page.

2. Students and teachers should never include another student’s full name in a post or comment. If a school report requires you to write about another person, use their first name or nickname only.

3. Never disclose personal information like telephone numbers, street addresses or personal e-mail addresses.

4. You are not allowed to link to personal web pages or other personal Internet based sites. The blog is for educational purposes and your entries should reflect the instructions provided by your teacher.

5. If you include photographs of other students,

  • do not label the photo with student’s full names
  • do not include photos of a student without their permission. Also, some students’ parents have requested that their child’s photo never be posted to the Internet.
  • ask your teacher to approve the photo before you include it in the blog.

6. Watch your grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Errors reflect directly upon you and may result in readers discounting what you have to say.

7. Be respectful of others. If part of your assignment is to give feedback to a classmate on his/her project, your teacher will provide a rubric to help you phrase your feedback. Discussion, debates and disagreements can be good things, but treat other people as you would like to be treated. You may think your comment is a joke, but your readers may be offended or not think it is funny.

8. If somebody writes something to the blog that you find offensive, notify your teacher immediately.